About Me

I am an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Computer Science, where I primarily teach core foundational programming and computer systems courses in the Masters Program in Computer Science but I am also fortunate to teach classes in the Computational Analysis & Public Policy Program. I am also Associate Director of the Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS), where my main responsibility is help advise students about the courses offered in the MPCS program.

I am originally from Las Vegas, NV. However, after graduating from high school I moved to the wonderful college town of San Luis Obispo, CA. I majored in computer science and decided to move to Chicago to earn my PhD. I earned my PhD in 2016 from the Computer Science department at the University of Chicago, where I was advised by John Reppy. My dissertation focused creating a programming language for implementing declaractive computer graphics applications using Functional Reactive Programming.

Here are a few tidbits about myself:

  • Hiking and running (not much hiking in Chicago) but running down the lakefront is amazing.

  • I am the dad of a wonderful and sweet lab/terrier dog named Finn.

  • Listening to music and discovering new music (thanks Spotify) are hobbies I can’t live without. I also like going to local shows. Chicago has so many amazing theather houses but I especailly enjoy the shows at Steppenwolf.

  • One of reasons I decided to get my PhD is that I love learning about new technologies in computer science. I think I’m lucky to be part of a profession that is continuously expanding, generating new ideas and changing the lives of everyone. Thus, I really enjoy buying new books to expand on my knowledge on my profession.

  • Screaming at the TV while watching Tennis. I’m a huge tennis fanatic!

  • I really enjoy cooking and improving on my culinary skills.